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Experts in providing what you need, from cryptocurrency hosting to artificial intelligence, growing alongside technology.

Custom Solutions

Committed to exploring maximum potential, we create personalized solutions with reliable equipment and a team rooted in Paraguay.

Hydroelectric Power

Abundant in natural resources, Paraguay has 3 hydroelectric power plants, one of which is the giant Itaipu, producing clean and inexpensive energy.

Accessible mining

We take care of the entire operation, a seamless experience for the user, without worries.


Bitcoin mining in
emerging markets

We guarantee security and scalability, with on-site support and repairs, don't worry about the mining, we take care of them for you.

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Energy Collocated

+127 MW

Projects fulfilled


Average Base

6.0 ct/kWh

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Artificial Intelligence, data centers to power everything.

Drawing on the immense hydroelectric power of Itaipu, we offer a sustainable, high-efficiency energy solution for your hydro mining operations. Our system utilizes well-filtered water for an cooling process, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and sustainably.

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Why Digital Orion?

We are a company committed to innovation and technology integration, solving problems and streamlining operations. Our goal is to be recognized for the quality of our services and become a reference in the field. We continue to evolve with technology, driven by a small team with big ambitions. We are part of Sepralat, money and asset laundering prevention in Paraguay .

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Great strategies

With deep experience in various strategies, prepared to identify the ideal approach.

Solid Tech Foundations

Recognizing the importance of suitable hardware, software, and electrical infrastructure, we select the best offer in the market, tailored to the project's size.

Specialized Planning

Providing plans that ensure the secure and efficient construction. Our team of experts is committed to meeting every related requirement.